Brand New Online Training Module for front line staff

Be one of the first, by attending the MBTAG Launch and Learn Session for the new online training module for front line staff in Midlothian & The Scottish Borders which MBTAG have just completed and is now ready for your business to use.

Using the latest technology, 'Flow' training delivers a continuously evolving learning and development solution tailored to the hospitality and tourism sector, providing accredited, certificated training throughout the industry. Flow has a significant impact on productivity and profitability by developing and motivating staff, reducing training costs and increasing sales. Flow has been designed to inspire learning through their comprehensive portfolio of innovative engaging modules.

MBTAG have worked with Flow for over the last year to develop this brand new training module created for the 2 regions. Section one of the training is all about the destinations, followed by sections on customer service. There is also an ambassador booklet which links to everything learnt about the destination and where to find out more...

The purpose of creating this is to ensure that we as a destination and all our front line staff are knowledgeable which in turn will enhance the visitors stays and experiences and also encourage extended stays. All staff trained through this will be certified which means we as a destination will be recognised for consistent and high quality customer service.

Businesses and individuals are invited to attend the launch and learn event on Thursday 3rd May at Carfraemill Hotel, Lauder at 1030am sharp to hear more about it, see it in action, sample it for yourself and also for any businesses that sign up to it on the day will receive a 50% discount on their orders.

Whether you are an individual, B&B owner through to employee /employer of an organisation (anyone in tourism) - this is a great opportunity for you to come and hear more about this great new tool that has been created for Midlothian & The Scottish Borders.

Please register now to book your place at this session and the opportunity to sign up at a very discounted price.

Please note spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. More information will be on the website by the launch and learn date.

Book your place to hear about this great new training!

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